Summer Camp

Our summer soccer day camp training program has been created by professional educators who are dedicated to the highest quality of sports instruction for youngsters. Our group leaders are trained to deal with the particular needs of school-age boys and girls.We stress enjoyment and improvement. Teams are frequently changed to ensure the greatest challenge and the highest quality of play. Success of individuals and teams who have attended our camps is proof that our system works. Teams have gone on to win state and regional championships, and many domestic and international tournaments, and individual players have played on the Collegiate and US National Team at every age group and level. We offer two level of play that range from the beginner to the elite.

Beginner Program

For fun and skills join our expert adult teaching staff this summer. We have had over thirty years of experience teaching soccer skills through age-appropriate children’s games that train kids while they are having a blast! We also have indoor activities, a game room, AV room, arts and crafts, and a pool (depends on camp location) for hot summer days. For boys and girls ages 6-19.

Elite Program

Our camp is the most advanced, challenging and competitive environment in the DC metro area. We welcome all players and guarantee improvement. Our camp philosophy is simple. We build a solid technical foundation and then challenge players with advanced tactics. To continue the challenge, we introduce team tactics that will be put to the test during matches.

Players are challenged every minute on the field, our program can help you reach your potential. Camp Directors will be involved in every aspect of camp to ensure that our philosophy is upheld.

Team Program

Teams of 8–22 players (8 field players minimum plus goalkeepers) can train together as a group. Teams are eligible for a $15 per player group rate discount. Personalized team curriculums can be worked out.


Soccer Tryouts for the Ultimate

Valencia CF Experience

🏆 Train with the best: Polish your skills under expert coaches and learn from top-tier professionals.

🌍 International Exposure: Earn a chance to travel to Valencia, Spain, and live the soccer life like never berfore.

⚽ Play with passion: Compete against diverse talents and challenge yourself to rise to new heights.

🤝 Team Camaraderie with like-minded players who share your passion.

November 10th, 17th

7:00 PM

RFK Auxiliary Fields, Bethesda