Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction

Our program is designed to focus on particular skills and individual players. It is excellent for both beginners and advanced players of all ages. Designed to maximize learning, particularly where specific player weaknesses are apparent, these sessions are also excellent for coaching player positions. (Defense, midfield, striking and goalkeeping).

All sessions are instructed by a qualified IFC Coach, who will carry out an initial evaluation session. The evaluation will address the specific aspects of the players’ game that could be improved and realistic goals for each player. Following the evaluation, our IFC Training coach will sit down with the player to create a personalized development program. You will work in a fun self-paced environment. We will concentrate on technique, skills, fitness and conditioning.

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Virtual Training

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, IFC was quickly able to adapt to a virtual training program to keep our players active and engaged.  The benefits were great for their skills, but more importantly their mental health.  With such great success, we continued the program for the 2021-2022 season and the foreseeable future.

Virtual Training has consisted of:

  • Weekly assignments through our virtual training partner Techne Futbol App
  • Fitness Workouts with certified fitness training via Zoom
  • Team meetings with their coaching staff via Zoom
  • Team video analysis and game analysis projects via Zoom & Hudl
  • Weekly check-ins with Technical Director
  • Virtual College Recruiting Seminars
  • Technical Challenges via social media

Soccer Tryouts for the Ultimate

Valencia CF Experience

🏆 Train with the best: Polish your skills under expert coaches and learn from top-tier professionals.

🌍 International Exposure: Earn a chance to travel to Valencia, Spain, and live the soccer life like never berfore.

⚽ Play with passion: Compete against diverse talents and challenge yourself to rise to new heights.

🤝 Team Camaraderie with like-minded players who share your passion.

November 10th, 17th

7:00 PM

RFK Auxiliary Fields, Bethesda