Financial Aid & Fees

Financial Aid

International Futbol Club is proud to provide a need-based financial aid program for families to offset fees associated with participating on a IFC team. All applicants’ names and information are held in strict confidence by our administrator.
To apply, please email to receive a form to submit fully completed, with required documentation. Notification of financial aid awards will come via email. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Important Information and Instructions

  • Application Deadline: Completed application and required documentation due within 10 days of player registration.
  • A deposit of $150 must be paid in order for a financial aid application to be considered. This can be paid by check or cash upon submitting the application. A $35 returned check fee will be assessed for returned checks.
  • Applications will not be reviewed or considered if not legible, or if any information or documentation is missing.
  • Completed applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received, on a rolling basis.
  • Funds are limited. The number of players receiving financial aid and the amount of aid will vary depending on available funds.
  • Award notifications will be made by e-mail through the Potomac Soccer Association registration platform.
  • Families will be responsible for paying any uniform, travel, or other team and club expenses not covered by this financial aid.
  • Applications are reviewed by the club administrator. All information is kept in the strictest of confidence. A committee reviews blind application.
  • Please keep a copy for your records.

Families are also encouraged to apply for other grants or financial aid to help them with fees and other player-related expenses.

Send completed form and required documentation to:

International Futbol Club

PO Box 341471, Bethesda MD 20827

Seasonal Year Fees

Birth Year Age Groups 2021-2022 Per Player Fees*
2014+U7/8 EDP$1,250
2013U9 NCSL$1,250
2012U10 NCSL$2,000
2011U11 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,300
U12 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,300
2009U13 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,500
2008U14 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,500
2007U15 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,600
2006U16 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,600
2005U17 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,600
2004U18 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,600
2003U19 EDP/CCL Championship/NCSL$2,600
*Fees are based on a 10-month season (late August through early June) for all non-high-school age groups (U8-U15) and a 9-month season (late September through early June) for all high school age groups (U16-U19). Additional fees may be incurred for teams that wish to play in supplemental leagues and tournaments as determined by the coach and technical staff.

Please note that player registration fees are non-refundable (see below information pertaining to refunds and releases).

*For the 2020-2021 seasonal year, if circumstances pertaining to COVID-19 do not allow for a return to on-field play in any form, then payment installments will be paused until such time as it is possible to return.

Send completed form and required documentation to:

International Futbol Club

PO Box 341471, Bethesda MD 20827


Soccer Tryouts for the Ultimate

Valencia CF Experience

🏆 Train with the best: Polish your skills under expert coaches and learn from top-tier professionals.

🌍 International Exposure: Earn a chance to travel to Valencia, Spain, and live the soccer life like never berfore.

⚽ Play with passion: Compete against diverse talents and challenge yourself to rise to new heights.

🤝 Team Camaraderie with like-minded players who share your passion.

November 10th, 17th

7:00 PM

RFK Auxiliary Fields, Bethesda