Immersion Program

IFC has created a special opportunity for soccer aficionados—or “futbolistas” as they say in Spain—by designing a unique combination of a youth soccer camp, Spanish classes and excursions to some of the most beautiful sights in this amazing country.

IFC Immersion Program is based at Futbol Club Barcelona, a professional Division 1 team in La LIGA, located in Barcelona. Led by FCB, a professional Spanish soccer coach, the camp offers participants the chance to see how European soccer players prepare and train. The camp focuses on improving players soccer skills in a fun but challenging environment.

IFC welcomes boys and girls, of all ability and skill levels. The average age of our campers is 11–19 years old.


In the morning session students will focus on training, drills and game play, allowing players to learn the unique aspects of the Latin and European fútbol game. In the afternoon, students practice in small groups and one-on-one with a Coach from FC Barcelona, a first division professional team in La LIGA.

A typical day involves warm-ups; a brief discussion of the skill the coach and players will focus on that day, and then one-on-one instruction as well as group practice. Then the players split into teams and scrimmage; matches against outside opposition will be organized, as well. At the end of practice, the Coach and the players cool down and discuss the high and low points of the match, and what needs improvement. The players practice for 6–8 hours per day.

Spanish Language Immersion Program

Our camp is the most advanced, challenging and competitive environment in the DC metro area. We welcome all players and guarantee improvement. Our camp philosophy is simple. We build a solid technical foundation and then challenge players with advanced tactics. To continue the challenge, we introduce team tactics that will be put to the test during matches.

Players are challenged every minute on the field, our program can help you reach your potential. Camp Directors will be involved in every aspect of camp to ensure that our philosophy is upheld.

Language Immersion

Why are immersion programs the most effective way for individuals to learn Spanish?

With a Spanish language immersion program, learning does not stop when you leave the classroom or the field. Since you are living in a country where Spanish is the first language, you will have to utilize what you learned in class as you explore the city sights.

Though challenging at first an immersion experience forces you to use what you are learning in class to better communicate with the citizens of the country.

Why does your Spanish increase at such a rapid rate?

Since Spanish is the national language, the repeated practice in an authentic environment provides built in practical ways to use the language. The immersive quality of living in a city where English is not dominantly used, forces students to use what they are learning in a classroom as they traverse the city.

Program Highlights

IFC Cultural Camps & Linguistic Summer Programs combine formal classroom instruction with a very varied list of cultural and leisure activities which introduce the students to Spanish culture, history, lifestyles.

Enjoy exciting field trips, excursions, and cultural events while living with a Spanish family.

Weekly Schedule in Barcelona with IFC

IFC Cultural Camps & Linguistic Summer Programs combine formal classroom instruction with a very varied list of cultural and leisure activities which introduce the students to Spanish culture, history, lifestyles.

Enjoy exciting field trips, excursions, and cultural events while living with a Spanish family.

Spanish families do not allow their children to go out during the night without an adult, until they are 18. Families expect that students follow this rule. On weekends, usually on Saturday, the group enjoys supervised trips to different locations in La Costa Brava, Tarragona, etc. Please, see “Barcelona: Excursions” information. Teachers will chaperone the trip and families provide a picnic lunch. On Sunday’s students stay with their host families and spend the day with them.

Starting Dates for School Programs

Spanish classes and Cultural activities start on Mondays, each week during June and July. We recommend students arrive in Barcelona 2 days before starting their lessons or activities

Accommodations for Students in Barcelona

Students participating in the language immersion program will participate in a residential homestay. Students will live with local families in their homes. All families are carefully screened and selected. IFC will use the information that students provide on their accommodation form to place students with local families. Each student will have a clean private room and will be provided breakfast, dinner and picnic lunches for weekend excursions. In certain situations, we can attempt to have more than one student per family.

Spanish language immersion programs which include homestays provide effective means relates to the fact that you have the opportunity to live with a host family (some locations offer apartment and/or other options as well). All host families (and any other accommodation option available) are located, approved and overseen by each respective language school.

When staying with a host family, you will have the chance to practice the Spanish you learned in class in a natural family setting. Because of their interest in your progress, you will find that staying with a host family is a non-threatening environment where you can practice and improve you Spanish. As your relationship with the family grows, your motivation to learn Spanish will increase.

Another great benefit of staying with a host family relates to the fact that in many cases, you will find yourself participating in family activities and you also will learn about the local traditions and the culture.

Emergency medical and ordinary insurance coverage is provided by the program; parents may elect to purchase supplemental coverage on their own. The health care system in Barcelona is excellent.

Spanish Courses
Spanish language classes will take place Monday through Friday for four hours in the morning. Groups will be a maximum of 7–12 students. There are different groups of students attending their level of Spanish. Our classes emphasize the development of communicative competence, including listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Intermediate Spanish I, Intermediate Spanish II
Advanced Spanish level, Spanish Culture


Soccer Tryouts for the Ultimate

Valencia CF Experience

🏆 Train with the best: Polish your skills under expert coaches and learn from top-tier professionals.

🌍 International Exposure: Earn a chance to travel to Valencia, Spain, and live the soccer life like never berfore.

⚽ Play with passion: Compete against diverse talents and challenge yourself to rise to new heights.

🤝 Team Camaraderie with like-minded players who share your passion.

November 10th, 17th

7:00 PM

RFK Auxiliary Fields, Bethesda